Friday, 18 February 2011

Favors for Farleigh

I have been looking out for small inexpensive gifts to make for The Farleigh Hospice next Saturday A friend of mine gave me the idea of how to make these favors. I made them using a triangle template, some pretty linen material. ribbon and a Ferraro Rocher chocolate for the center. How yummy.......

The favours were then finished off by pinning all 3 corners into the center of the triangle then machined a quarter of an inch from the outside to allow the ribbon to be threaded through.

 The chocolate was placed in the center and the ribbon pulled tightly to secure it. The gift tag then threaded on the ribbon.

This favour is sitting on a round stone. I think it looks good!!!!


 This one sits on my old pine table.

This is my favourite display. I found the stone in my garden, I love the different colours and shape of the stone!!

 I took photos of these sitting on my granite worktops

 Finished favours ready for the bazaar.


  1. Wonderful - I like the 3rd picture best - How Exciting to see if they sell !!!!

  2. Oh they're lovely - they looked really nice displayed in the heart :-) x

  3. How yummy..... good luck with the sale!

    Happy weekend, Linda...... hugs..... Donna

  4. Lovely. Good luck at the bazaar. Where is it being held?