Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring Has Sprung in my Garden.

Hi everyone Spring has now sprung in my Essex garden, so i thought i would take a few  photos of the beautiful flowers that have managed to survive the cold winter.

Spring to me is the best season. I love all the Spring flowers and bulbs that appear out of nowhere as if they have been put there by magic. The garden has been transformed from darkness to light with such wonderful colours to lighten up any ones heart. Hope you like the photos.


What pleasure it is to be able to go out into my garden on a lovely sunny day and take some photos of the simple, but precious things around us.


  1. Oh Linda what lovely photos. I can just smell those hyacinths. X Joan

  2. Your garden is looking beautiful.. And who took the amazing photo's.. They are amazing Linda, feels like I could almost smell them..

    Are you up for our meeting on Wednesday.. Might be nice if we visited Joans work at Slack Space.. Here that you've been making your amazing cakes again... I'm green with envy.. Lucky Joan.

  3. Wonderful photo's Linda xx I love your Garden !!

  4. Beautiful flowers and photos. :)

  5. Lovely spring photos Linda,blooming loverly!;)xxx