Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Crochet on a wet day in my caravan.

When i go away in my caravan i always take some craft work with me just in case the weather is bad. I don't really mind as there's nothing more relaxing than sitting in my caravan crafting away.

So as the weather was not so good on my last weekend away  i did some crocheting.
I wanted to do something a bit different from the granny blankets i am making so chose these spirals and roses from my old 60s Golden Hands books. Not sure what i am going to do with them, but i think they just look nice.

The cotton i used was Robin Pearle. Its very vintage as it came from my grans house when she passed  away.

  Crocheting on a wet day, but don't you think it looks nice and cosy in my caravan.

Painting on a hot day in East Runton Cromer

 Florence is just 1 year old so hopefully she will get to enjoy lots more caravan holidays.
 Tilly is 15 years old and still loves to come on holiday with us.

I can't think of any other way to enjoy my holiday in the caravan with hubby, the cat, the dog and my craft work.


  1. How lovely to see you ,Tilly and Florence! Looks like a lovely relaxing time. X J

  2. Sorry Linda really behind with my blog reading - what a lovely post - xx love the crochet and the caravan and all xxxx

  3. Your caravan looks so cute.. And bless Tilly, enjoying her hols.. Can't believe you took the cat too.. Bonkers!

  4. How lovely...crafting away in your cosy caravan. I'm jealous! Your crochet spirals and roses look very pretty, such calming colours. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my recent post. I do try and 'make' time for a bit of crafting here and there as it relaxes me so much, but you're right it is a bit of a juggle sometimes, ha ha !!
    Have a great weekend,
    Louise xx