Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Walk in the Abbey gardens.

A friend and i visited Beeleigh Abbey Gardens recently and  were lucky enough to choose a hot sunny day for it.

The Abbey sits on three acres of riverside gardens in a picturesque setting dating from the 13th century.

The gardens are open twice a month during the summer and are a treat to see.
 Here are some photos of our visit. It makes such a difference when the sun is out.

We hope to visit again at the end of the month when the David Austin roses will be out.


  1. You certainly did pick a gorgeously sunny day for your visit didnt you? Doesnt it make you feel good when the sun shines? It also looks a beautiful place to visit.

  2. What a beautiful building and a very sunny day to spend wandering around. And you ended your pictures with one of my very favourite flowers xxx

  3. You had awonderful day - I think you used up all the sunshine! x J

  4. What a marvellous venue for a walk on a sunny day. Lovely pics too.

  5. What a beautiful place to visit fro the Day - lovely photos x

  6. Beautiful photos !
    Some day I will go to your side of the pond and see your beautiful country .