Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Walk in my Spring Garden

Hi everyone its been such a lovely day here in my Essex garden that i couldn't resist on taking a few photos to share with you all.

 My favourite garden flower....
 Beautiful forming pine cones
 The redcurrant bush in full flower. 

 Ruby loves to be out in the garden
 The plum blossom looks an absolute picture. 

The vegetable plot looks a bit dull, but it wont be long before it will be full of freshly grown organic food

The potatoes are planted 

Ruby and Florence relaxing in the warm spring sun


  1. Your garden is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Beautiful photos of your garden flowers Linda. It really was gorgeous here too and I spent some time in my garden. Envy your vegetable patch. I remember my dad growing potatoes as a child and loved the aroma as they were lifted out of the ground.

  3. Your photos take away my breath! Still not spring here. We had 4 inches of unexpected snow on Monday. Your garden is GORGEOUS!

  4. Your garden us huge (jealous face) and looks beautiful xx