Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A few resent photos

Thought i would do a quick post to show you some of my resent  photos. Hope you like them........xx 

I made some pancakes the other day and this was the result of the last drop of mixture.

A new patchwork quilt in the making.
Some cut flowers from my garden
A posy of pansy's
I love to grow chamomile.  
Lots of hollyhocks along the drive to my house.


  1. Pretty pics, Linda. I love to drink Chamomile - do you harvest it for that purpose? Your flowers in their vases are really pretty, as is that new quilt. I love the colours you're using. Thanks for popping over to mine - it's ALWAYS lovely to hear from you. x

  2. Ha ha you burnt the moons bottom! Love your garden Cherry & I must come over for the grand tour! xxx

  3. Chamomile is a great plant to grow to fill in spots. Love your bouquet surrounded by the patchwork hexagons. Beautiful colours.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog.

  4. Fabulous flowers! I see faces in your pancake.
    Suzy x

  5. Hahaha, I LOVE the monster pancake! Nice pictures.

  6. Linda, you've to pop over to Cornish Cream's. You've won her giveaway and she needs your address. Congrats!! xxx