Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lacey Dolls

Over the years i have made lots of lace, from Torchon to Bedfordshire. This Lace has been kept hidden away in a journal in my spare bedroom until Cherry also a blogger saw it and suggested i displayed it on some calico dolls. These i had already made to dress in hankies. Seer my Angel for an Angel post.

These three dolls have different types of lace displayed on them.

My lace pillow displaying some of my bobbins and lace books i use to make my lace.

The doll on the left displays some lace I made on my travel pillow. I think the button finishes it off.            The little grey rabbit book  is a favourite book with lace makers.

This is some of the lace that i kept in my journal. The patterns are hidden underneath.

I made this pin cushion from my making lace with little grey rabbit book. It has a silver gimp going though it.
I'm glad my lace is now being enjoyed and not left hidden away.


  1. Oh I love lace so much! Great way to display it!x

  2. The little lace dolls - take my Breathe away - so want to see MORE of them - they are a total Delight !!!

  3. Wonderful Linda, you have found a new way to display an old craft. I envy your skill at this craft!!! Joan

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for meeting up and sharing such a lovely day... and for the creme egg!

    Your lace looks amazing. You are so talented.