Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A thankyou gift

I wanted to show you this post, Georgia Coote from Patterns, Print and Play sent me some lovely gifts from her online shop to celebrate her 100th post. Visit to see her collection of beautiful handmade things.
 Georgia!!! thank you for sending me these lovely gifts, Its nice to know that you appreciated my comments.
This is my daughter modelling the button necklace. Doesn't it look lovely, perfect with any outfit !!!!


  1. What a nice surprise.... the button necklace is so pretty.

    Thanks for visiting my site..... always enjoy seeing your face on the comment space. Hope your hubby has a grand birthday.

    Thanks for fixing the link on your Delft treasure..... it was so fun to read about it and to think you found it so cheaply. Don't you just wonder about its history.... like who owned it and when, etc. That is why I like vintage things..... always wonder about the history of the piece.

    Hugs to you.