Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Old Delft figurine

On my last post Trash or Treasure i  posted some photos of a blue and white Delft figurine which i found at a rummage sale. I paid just fifty pence for it. A friend of mine kindly researched the Internet and to my surprise found one similar. See www.oldcrocks2.mediapictures.co.uk/acatalog/info_118.html

Although it states that the seated lady is either sitting on the toilet or washing her feet. I still think it is an early saucey finger bath. All pieces were signed with the initials of the maker. My lady is dated 1750, Just think she was made when young babies were left by their mothers, who were in absolute povety, at the Foundling Hospital in London. How nostalgic is that!!!!


  1. How amazing - 1750 - what a treasure !!!

  2. That is amazing..... 1750..... just love that you found her and she is so old. By the way..... your link isn't working for me..... could you please check it? Thanks for sharing your information on this lovely lady.

  3. how interesting - your hands and face look a little different from the one in the link - not sure what that means - but I still adore it .