Sunday, 6 February 2011

Trash or treasure ? ? ?

This Saturday i went to the scouts jumble sale. It 's held every February at the headquarters in Wickham Bishops to raise funds for the scouts. As usual there were  lots  of people  rummaging around  looking for that one special thing to take home. I was lucky enough to find several bits of treasure, but to others it could be trash.

Entrance to the jumble.

 Books! Books and more books!!!!

 Sue helping with the fund raising.

 Lots of pictures to choose from.

The biggest rummage in Essex!!!!

 A large selection of  bric a brac.

This is MY  treasure that  i found at the jumble. A  paper weight, old books, pictures, small dish, basket, bag, heart coat hangers trinket box and figurine. I paid fifty pence for each item. DIDN'T I DO WELL!!!

One of my  favourite things was this piece of blue and white pottery. I was intrigued by this figurine as she has no legs.

This is a back view of the figurine showing what looks like a factory mark.

The holes were just right for two fingers to go though. I think it is Delft and used as an ornamental finger bath.If anyone knows what it could be. Please let me know.

As i was going though a box of pictures i came across this black and white print.. I just had to buy it as it was of Maldon were i was born. The church on the hill was where i was christened. I can remember my grandad buying winkles on the rivers edge from the fishermen and taking them home for Sunday tea, which was near the church. My gran boiled them and he ate them with bread and butter. The thing i remember most was seeing him get them out with a pin.

This black and white pen and ink drawing i chose  because it reminded me of the lovely work Andrea Farmers is posting at the moment. I just love her pen and ink drawings. I paid just twenty pence for it. 

For all you football fans this was my husbands treasure for fifty pence


  1. Loving the pictures that you took of the Jumble - especially the trees and the entrance - thanks for your help in getting 3 beautiful chairs for my daughter - she has been looking at the blogs and fallen in love with one of Georgia Coote's 'pattern of the day' to reupholster one of her chairs in !!! :)

  2. I love rummage sales! Looks like you had a ball at this one... love your "treasures". That Delft ceramic thingy is certainly unusual. Please post if you find any further information.

    Have a great week, Linda!

  3. That's a fab haul Linda! I love old books and I love a bargain! The framed drawings you found are lovely too and the Delft figurine is very interesting. Thanks for the mention! :)

  4. wake robin had the video link about the foundling museum - properly find it via julie's site :) x

  5. Always treasure in my book.

    I think that the ceramic figure is just for fun. Like those dancing finger dolls that you can make out of cardboard.