Saturday, 18 January 2014

New additions to the Wilks house hold

 Hi everyone in blogger land I would like to introduce to you our six battery hens which my daughter and i picked up today from our local hen rescue centre. 
After a very muddy walk to the farm to collect them and a smelly ride home in the car we managed to settle the girls into their new home with no problems at all.
It wasn't long before they were enjoying the natural sunlight scrapping around in the dirt looking for anything interesting to eat which must be so different to being cooped up in a confined space with no natural light. 
I must say i was amazed by what good condition they were all in, i have had battery hens before and  they were in a very sorrowful state so it looks like Jamie Oliver's campaign for better hen welfare has paid off.
Here are the girls exploring their new surroundings.

Lets hope that these girls will live a long and happy life now they are free.


  1. I love this! I think rescuing hens is a very good idea. I am sure they'll be very happy with you.

  2. They are lovely and looks like have found a perfect home! Great photos!

  3. The ladies look in very good condition. I have 4 rescue hens now. I got three a few weeks ago and one of them was nearly featherless. Xxx

  4. What a great good deed you have done. Hope to catch up with you soon xxx

  5. Ah, your girls are looking very happy indeed and enjoying that gorgeous sunlight. x