Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pineapple crochet, in the pink.

As i was browsing thought my blog i was inspired by Creative Carmelina's crochet lace. I have always been very keen on this type of lace and have made several pieces over the years. So after going through my many patterns i found this pineapple one and decided to make a couple of motifs. The book is priced at one shilling, that's to people who are as old as me!! so its quite old...

 I used Coats mercer cotton 20g  for the pink motif and 40g for the beige one. The result was, the pink one was larger than the beige one.

 My aim is to make  them into pin cushions copied from an old pineapple vintage one.

Just love the colour pink, Its so fashionable at the moment!!!!

The roses came out of my garden, they have been lovely this year i think it's because of the hot and dry weather.

A close up of the pineapple motif, printed in black and white.

I was very pleased how they came out so i must keep the crocheting up .....As Julia always says to me "look outside the box Linda !!" So can any one give me some ideas as to how i can look outside the box with these instead of making them into pincushions. 


  1. Oh Linda so lovely to have you back and such a lovely crochet post xxxx

  2. These are so beautiful, maybe you could make them into some kind of artwork, like a collage or something - they look gorgeous with your roses and pearls!xx

  3. Thanks girls for your lovely comments, How nice it is to have such positive feedback....x

  4. Linda these would make fantastic pictures to put on thank you, get well soon or notelet cards. Get them printed up girl. x's Joan