Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Old crochet skills revived.

After following the very talented Faith, Bummy Mummy and  Tea at Weasel's  I was inspired by their crochet skills and the wonderful things they made..........These lovely mums have brought up to date the art of crochet  in a modern way by using their imagination to produce lots of brightly coloured, wonderful and homely things. ......

So as i learnt crochet many years ago, I thought i'd try my hand again .....

The Pot Holder pattern i used was out of one of my old sixties Golden Hands books, (not sure if you young mums would have heard of these books) They were sold weekly and then put into binders after you had collected 15 copies giving easy access to the patterns, ideas and techniques in the books.  I collected all 5 volumes.

These are the pot holders i made, they look more like owls eyes to me , or as my husband said they would have looked good on the back of the Parker he wore as a Mod scooter boy back in the sixties... 

You can see the pattern i used from the Golden Hands book on the left....

I also made these small motifs and was pleased how they came out. 

Im glad i kept these old books as they have revived my love for crochet........ 


  1. they look like 'essexgirl bosoms ' to me !!!!!!!!!! love them x

  2. They're fantastic!! I love the fact that they are proper 'vintage' patterns too... Did you enjoy hooking them up after your long break from crochet? I hope so :) I would love to see some more patterns from that Golden hands book!

    Louise xx

    PS- your kitchen table and chairs are beautiful!!

  3. Love Love Love the pot holders! I'm with Tea at Weasel's, I would like to see more from your pattern book

  4. Lovely Linda!!! Great you kept this magazine lots of wonderful Retro ideas.

  5. That is another thing I would love to learn how to do, crochet. As I sit here stuffing a bunny, blogging and watching the rain beat against my studio window. The good thing about don't feel bad about not being outside enjoying the sun.

  6. I am now following you, nice request.

  7. Your crochet looks good, and you're right a bit like owls eyes, they'd be great as cushion covers.

    I love crochet in fact I think it may well have taken over everything else!