Thursday, 19 January 2012

My First attempt at American Patchwork.

Last September i joined a patchwork group. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not so decided to give it a go. Well! i am know addicted to patchwork and just love my weekly classes.

I chose to make three samples of patchwork from The New Sampler Quilt book by Diana Leone, I've  made two and nearly finished the third one. The designs are all individual and stitched by hand.

 No 1 quilt. This was my first attempt and took me three months to complete.
 No 2 quilt. With a lot more confidence i managed to finish this one in 1 month. The old clothes horse was a rummage find last Saturday. I paid just 30p. What a bargain. I used some old gypsy pegs to peg it on the horse.

 I was'nt sure what to use them for, but think they good as table centres. The red one looked good on my white table.

 The green one goes well on my old pine table. I used some Laura Ashley fabric for the backing.

 My third piece of patchwork is not finished yet, but hopefully it will be done for my monthly project i am doing on my blog.
 All i need now is another table to put it on.
My next project is to make a friendship quilt, so watch this space..............


  1. Wow! Those look great. I have a friend that makes quilts all the time. She is so efficient and good at it that I am a little intimidated to try it myself. Someday maybe.

  2. Very nicely done--they look great!

  3. Linda these are wonderful!! Off you go and buy all the vintage fabric you can for your next one. X Joan

  4. Love them Linda - and that clothes horse is pretty amazing too !!!x

  5. Well done Linda,I love your quilting,its addictive isnt it? What a great find your wooden clothes airer,love it. happy weekend,love juliexxx

  6. hello i remembered my password and back on blogger (when i get time)! i really like your quilts! xx

  7. I have a table that will go nicely on! hehe. lovely blog, glad I dropped by and am a new follower.Katie xx

  8. Congratulations, Linda on your new "addiction"! Your tops are VERY nice.... the colors are fun. Hope you enjoy the piecing enough to continue as it appears your mini-quilts are nicely stitched! Please post a photo of the friendship quilt... would love to see it!

    I know we call "pegs" clothes pins and I think you are talking about the white rack when you refer to a "clothes horse"? Am I right?

    I always enjoy your posts! Have a good weekend! Hugs.