Sunday, 5 February 2012

Another successfull Scouts Rummage for 2012

Yesterday i braved the bitter cold weather and went to my favourite rummage . It was held at the scouts headquarters near to where i live and is an annual event. As usual there were a lot of people  there all looking for that one special thing that might make them rich, but sadly i am still looking. However i did pick up a few bargains . Hope you like the photos.

Everyone waiting for the off. Most of the jumble was outside.

My hubby sorting through the books.

I caught site of this rocking horse after it had been sold.

Load's and loads of bags all waiting for someone to buy them.

Books for everyone.

 This was a bargain for £5.00. My nephews wife bought it. She has plans to recover it in vintage material. 

These cheeky chaps sold me an easel for £3 provided i put their photo on my blog. So here it is chaps..

Its surprising how busy the second hand cloths shed gets. Mind you i managed to get a couple of designer bits...

My daughter,Becky and her friend Sam braving the cold waiting for to buy that bargain. Becky only managed to buy some marbles. She has a large collection at home.

Its amazing what you find at a rummage. This Gorilla suit was sold hopefully to some one with a sense of humour. So if you see this gorilla you ll now where its come from.

Two very different jugs i managed to find. The father Christmas one is quit old and probably mass produced. The other one was made on a wheel by a potter then decorated by hand.

I found a few bits of china.

Some cloths i found all washed and ironed.

All my wares displayed for the camera. My easel was my best find.

A close up of my crockery.

Pair of Ducal Crown plates. I love the raised borders of fruit and flowers. Also some fabric that may come in handy for my patchwork.

I just love going to rummage sales. Its the thrill of finding a bargain that i like.....


  1. I love rummage sales. and the thrill of finding something totally awesome!!

  2. Oh I missed it - sounds Great !!! love the easel too !!

  3. Yeah me too! You have a good haul, easel was a real bargain. I like the Outsize fish egg cup thingy! It's so good to see a family having fun together. xx's J

  4. Wow! How did I miss this one.. Loving your fishy pot.. And is that some lace I spy?