Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Lovely Valentine.

A few weeks ago i was given the task by my Contemporary Craft group to design and make two Valentine cards. Well here they are all ready to send to my sweetheart !!! (Hubby)
I have posted these on Hungry Hippi for my monthly make. They are also on flickr.

This was my first attempt. I made the hearts out of paper then sewed them onto the postcard with red cotton then added the words. I found the buttons in my button box.

My second attempt was made out of fabric . The shape was built up of several layers then sewn with red cotton around the edges.
 The words have a very special meaning to me.

All hearts together.
I found it hard at first to make these cards. I wanted to put my feelings into my work of how i feel about LOVE and i think i have succeeded.


  1. These are both beautiful!!
    I'm sure your hubby will appreciate it!!

  2. Gosh Linda,these cards are beautiful,You know you could sell these?I would definetly buy them.;O) love juliexxx

  3. Well Done Linda .... I know how much thought and energy you have put into these artworks xxx

  4. These are so heartfelt Linda, you have got your heart in your art!!! xx's J

  5. I can't believe it is February. Time is going by so fast. Let's make lots of valentine cards and show our loved ones how much they mean to us....time might run out! Yours are lovely by the way.